Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pickles Vs. Rehab lyrics - Dethklok

[from "Metalocalypse" soundtrack]

I hate rehab so damn much
I can't get out, I can't get out
They drag me back and I kick and fight
I'm spitting on chicks and starting fights
Lack of booze is killing me
I need a drink, give me a drink

Rehab sucks I wanna run away
But those doctors are making me stay and they say,
"There're several steps you need to complete
So you can get clean, get back on your feet"
I don't need this I don't need your fucking help
You are all stupid idiots who can all go to hell

"Shock 'em now
There is no escape
Same goes for all of you,
until I let you out of this place
Now you all have problems, that's the truth
You're narcissistic parasites
But we can save you"

"But you gotta tell us why
All the reasons you got high
The reason that you use
The cause for your abuse
If we could find out why
We could teach you on the side
All the action that we'll take
Oh, the way you'll be saved"

"Why did you drink?"
I drink 'cause it's cool
"Why did you drink?"
I drink because it tastes good
"Why did you abuse?"
I really like the flavor
"That answer just won't do"
It'll have to do, it'll have to do, it'll have to doooooo

"If you don't tell me what I need to hear
You'll never get clean You'll always live in fear
You'll never go home You'll be replaced in your band
Do you know what I mean?"
Yes, I understand
When I was a boy I was traumatized
I was 6 years old and my brother lied
He burned down the garage and he blamed it on me
And that was the first time I ever had a drink
I drank, I drank I drank it all away
It's my brother's fault,
It's my brother's fault
That's the reason that I drink

"You must forgive your brother"
No way!